From Richard Smith, Chairman, Board of Directors

A message for a pivotal year

This past year wasn’t just about meeting goals, it was about changing lives and taking care of each other and the communities we serve. This shared sense of purpose has never been more meaningful and impactful than right now. It is with great satisfaction and pride that I can report to you, our Members, that 2021 was nothing short of a successful year, despite the uncertainty of these times and the challenges we faced.

TDECU’s assets grew to $4.5 billion, allowing us to do more for our Members. Our Membership grew by 17,863 to a total of more than 366,000 Members. The TDECU family welcomed 211 new employees in 2021. We provided over $723 million in mortgage loans and more than $659 million in auto loans enabling our Members to afford the homes and automobiles they wanted and needed to improve their lives.

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65.8+ million debit card transactions

$2.2+ million saved with better rates and fee refunds

$3.4+ million in student loans

2.9+ million ATM transactions

5.2+ million online banking transactions

1+ million calls answered by Member Care

$114,000 awarded in scholarships

32,829 new checking accounts

1,528 new policies with TDECU Insurance Agency, LLC

$329,207 donated to community organizations

3,450 Members served by TDECU Wealth Advisors

896 Employees

3,364 people served with financial education events

$16,000 donated to Boys & Girls Club of Greater Houston from Texans Partnership

A job well done!

Your Credit Union in 2021




billion in assets


million in new loans


million in new business loans


million in new home loans

Taking the bull by the horns

Houston and its surrounding areas are resilient, hopeful, and optimistic – and TDECU is proud to serve such a community. We are even prouder to partner with our hometown NFL team, The Houston Texans. Partnering with the Texans allows us to not only speak in a larger forum and expand our reach, but also allows us to give more people the opportunity to know us and love us.

Through our partnership with the Texans, TDECU has been able to give back to community organizations such as the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston by providing financial literacy education and opening savings accounts for youth that are a part of the organization. In fact, in 2021, our Red Zone sponsorship raised over $16,000 for financial education to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston.

Since its launch in October, the Texans co-branded debit card has continued to perform well with over 7,000 cards issued and more than 900 new Members added to the TDECU family.

Members with a Texans debit card were entered into a drawing before every home game for a chance to win a pair of tickets throughout the 2021 regular season. Beginning October 2021, Members who selected or switched to the Texans debit card were eligible to win one of four pairs of home game tickets.

It’s no secret that Texans love football and the excitement that comes along with it. We want to carry on that excitement through this unique partnership. As the Texans build and strengthen their program, we want to show all Texans the value of a TDECU Membership and our broad community outreach efforts.

A message to our Members

From Isaac Johnson, JD, MBA, MS
President & Chief Executive Officer
Brigadier General, U.S. Army Reserve

The year 2021 was another excellent example of just how much TDECU can accomplish when we live our motto of #OneTeam. Driven by integrity and our core values, we continued to partner with you, our Members, as we pursued excellence in every aspect of our delivery of service and management of your credit union.

Although not a newcomer to TDECU, this is my first opportunity to address our more than 366,000 Members as our credit union’s chief executive. It is a role I embrace with deep humility. I approach the responsibility of helping all of you navigate your financial journeys with the same care and commitment I give to my own family.

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Thank You

Our Members are the real stars

To all of our Members and Employees who proved that together with dedication and commitment we could accomplish anything, thank you.

We’re so grateful to have overcome the challenges of 2021 by working hand in hand with our Members and our Community. Through the familial bonds forged within the amazing TDECU team – and the partnerships we build with our incredible Members – we are improving lives by helping our Members navigate their financial journeys. Our commitment to helping others is at the core of what we do and who we are as a credit union. We are heartened to see this shared commitment.  


Better tomorrows for all the lives we touch


Provide financial solutions to navigate the journey of life

Our Purpose

Helping people navigate
their financial journeys

Supporting the Community

Through monetary ($248,800), in-kind ($25,982) donations and
volunteer efforts ($54,425), TDECU has contributed $329,207
to support communities where Employees live and work.

Organizations and Efforts

Alvin ISD

American Cancer Society

American Red Cross

Angleton ISD Education Foundation

Be A Champion

Bethel’s Place

Blessings in a Backpack via Latin Women’s Initiative

Boys & Girls Club of Brazoria County

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston

Brazoria County Community Foundation

Brazoria County Dream Center

Brazoria County Fair Association

Brazosport Cares Food Pantry

Brazosport ISD Education Foundation

Communities in Schools Brazoria County

Cornerstone Foundation

Fort Bend ISD Education Foundation

GMZ Dream Camp

Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center

Houston Food Bank

Junior Achievement of Brazoria County

Junior Achievement of Southeast Texas

Kids’ Meals

Louisiana Home and Foreign Mission Baptist Convention, Inc.

Lucille’s 1913

Pasadena ISD Education Foundation

Pearland ISD Education Foundation

Port Freeport

PX Project

Salvation Army of Brazoria County

Salvation Army of Greater Houston

Salvation Army of Victoria

Star of Hope

Sweeny ISD

Tejano Center for Community Concerns

True to Life Ministries

United Way of Brazoria County

University of Houston’s Peeps Pantry

Victoria ISD Education Foundation

Recognizing Service Milestones

10 Years

Karina Delafuente
Relisa Franklin
Kristina Johnson
Brad LaSalle
Dawn McPherson
Yuri Navarro
Flora Perez
Brandy Phillips
Chelsey Reeder
Jackie Robotham
Timothy Spalding
Elisa Vega
Marilyn Washington

15 Years

Susie Allen
Sena Clinton
Carol Doty
Nicole Fisher
Kimberly Flores
Sonya Goolsby
Christine Kiang
Madison Manning
Laura Martinez
Amber Newell
Tiffanie White

20 Years

Stacy Baggett
Sylvia Barrera
Mandi Campbell
Deisy Gonzalez
Kathy Raciti
Imelda Robles

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to serving our Members.

From Roland Hendricks, Treasurer, Board of Directors

Treasurer’s Report

We’ve seen another incredible year for our Member-owned credit union. We invested in significant resources from a technology and human capital perspective to ensure that year-over-year, we make it easier to do business with TDECU. Throughout their financial journey, our Members can rest assured that TDECU will continue to provide a solid financial foundation with strength, safety, and security.

I am pleased to report that in 2021, we saw an increase in assets of over $442 million, ending the year at $4.5 billion. We also grew our total capital to over $406 million – an increase of 15% over the previous year.

In addition to the organization’s financial growth, it is also important to note the success of our dedicated Members. In 2021, we returned over $21.2 million in dividends to our hardworking Members and added over $411 million in additional deposits. We grew our membership by more than 5%, ending the year at 366,068 Members. That’s an additional 17,863 new Members gained in 2021 alone!

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Financial Statement

Consolidated Statements of Financial Condition (Audited)*

As of December 31, 2021

Earning Assets

Total Loans, net of allowance


Total Investments


Total Earning Assets


Other Assets

Land, Premises & Equipment


Accounts Receivable


National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund Deposit


Miscellaneous Other Assets


Total Other Assets


Total Assets



Total Shares & Deposits


Other Liabilities





Retained Earnings (Capital/Member Equity)


Total Liabilities and Equity


Consolidated Statements of Income (Audited)*

For the year ending December 31, 2021

Interest Income

Loans to Members


Investments and Cash Equivalents


Total Interest Income


Interest Expense

Shares & Deposits


Borrowed Funds


Total Interest Expense


Net Interest Income


Provision for Loan Losses


Net Interest Income After Provision for Loan Losses


Non-Interest Income

Loan Fee Income


Fee Income


Interchange Income


ATM Income


Other Income


Total Non-Interest Income


Non-Interest Expense

Operating Expenses


Non-Operating Income


Total Non-Interest Expense


Net Income


* Detailed audited Financial Statement with Report of Independent Auditors for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2021, and monthly interim audited Financial Statements are available for Members at each TDECU Member Center.

From Roland Hendricks, Treasurer, Board of Directors

Audit Committee Report

TDECU's audit committee acts as your independent representative to ensure the financial condition of the credit union is strong and secure. The Audit Committee is an extension of the Board of Directors and has oversight responsibilities for the financial reporting control process, the system of internal controls, the audit process, monitoring compliance with laws and regulations, and monitoring the compliance of operating policies and procedures for TDECU and its subsidiaries.

Throughout the year, internal audits, external audits, and regulatory examinations are performed to carry out these responsibilities in an efficient and prudent manner. The Texas Finance Code requires requires an annual audit of the credit union's financial records. 

To accomplish this in 2021, the Audit Committee engaged the services of Doeren Mayhew, one of the top accounting firms serving credit unions in the United States, to audit the financial statements. Doeren Mayhew rendered an unmodified opinion on TDECU's consolidated financial statements and subsidiaries for the year ending December 31, 2021.

The Board of Directors’ meeting fee was $1,000 per Board of Directors’ meeting and $500 per committee meeting.

In 2021, the following bylaw changes were made:

  1. Section 5.09 Duties and Powers of Directors was amended in April 2021 to align with the Texas Standard Bylaws for State and Chartered Credit Unions as updated on October 18, 2013.

As TDECU grows, the Audit Committee reviews and edits the audit plan to ensure that new and emerging risks are reviewed and mitigated. On behalf of the Audit Committee, I would like to thank our TDECU team and volunteers for their dedication to improving lives and making 2021 a successful year.

Growth over the years
























$ 2,557,680,142


$ 2,618,701,154


$ 2,938,597,496


$ 3,462,000,850


$ 3,873,197,541













* Detailed audited Financial Statement with Report of Independent Auditors for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2021, and monthly interim audited Financial Statements are available for Members at each TDECU Member Center.

Board of Directors

Richard Smith


(term ends March 2024)

Daniel Buche

Vice Chairman

(term ends March 2023)

Roland Hendricks


(term ends March 2024)

George Hornback, Jr.


(term ends March 2024)

Frank Coe


(term ends March 2024)

Peggy Miltenberger


(term ends March 2022)

Anita Sehgal


(term ends March 2023)

Edward Speed


(term ends March 2022)

David Sikora


(term ends March 2022)

Ed Zingleman


(term ends March 2023)

Elizabeth Killinger

Advisory Board Member

(term ends March 2023)

Steven Murray

Advisory Board Member

(term ends March 2023)

Lynden Rose

Advisory Board Director

(term ends January 2024)


Isaac Johnson


Chief Executive Officer

Rhonda Pavlicek

Executive Vice President

Chief Financial Officer

Qiara Suggs

Senior Vice President

Chief Human Resources Officer

Jason Schneider

Senior Vice President

Chief of Staff

Michael Plaia

Senior Vice President

Chief Risk Officer

Murshid Khan

Senior Vice President

Chief Information Officer

Jose Delgado

Senior Vice President

Chief Banking Officer

Michael Massey

Senior Vice President

Chief Audit Officer

Anthony Warden

Senior Vice President

Chief Member Experience Officer